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Training for the Powersports Industry

Sam’s Garage inspires students from every level of experience to build expertise in their department using effective, relationship-based training strategies that generate the highest levels of success in your dealership. Trainer Sam Dantzler draws on his years of experience in the powersports industry to share useful systems and tools through entertaining and fun lessons and courses.

Get started for as little as $350/month
* Initial subscription includes unlimited access to Sam's Garage training content for 10 trainees.

In this expansive series of video lessons, Sam Dantzler delivers insight and industry knowledge in his trademark no-nonsense charismatic teaching style. With lessons rooted in storytelling and conveyed through Sam’s boundless enthusiasm, student engagement is heightened and a surprisingly simple path to a profitable business is clearly revealed.

A basic subscription costs $350 per month and includes 10 “Seats” which can be assigned to anyone in your company (and across multiple locations) to provide access to the training content. Additional seats can be purchased at any time in bundles of 5 seats at a cost of $175 per month.

With a subscription to Sam's Garage you'll have access to:

  • Finance and Insurance Dept Training
  • Marketing and Administrator Training
  • Parts and Accessories Dept Training
  • Sales Dept Training
  • Service Dept Training
  • Management Training
  • 60+ useful downloadable documents and spreadsheets

Check out some sample training content...

  • "Theory of Lost Income"
    "Bucket 1"
    "Make It Easy To Buy Series - Greet-Showbiz Personality"

About the Trainer

Sam Dantzler's success as an educator largely hinges on his unique ability to connect with audiences and ignite engagement through his own boundless passion. He builds his delivery around the concept of “enter-train-ment” — 51% education + 49% having a blast. Whether speaking on time management, consumer psychology, or the sales process, Sam offers an upbeat, memorable, and inspiring learning experience. From the sales floor to the corporate stage, Sam’s pursuit of knowledge and understanding guides his strategies for communication, connection and success.

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