Business Operations Systems and Strategies

Discover expert-driven insights for mastering management and ownership operations in your dealership. From hiring strategies to digital lead management, BOSS courses, led by top industry professionals, provide comprehensive skills for elevating multiple aspect of your dealership's operations and sales processes.

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BOSS training courses offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing operations and increasing team efficiency and effectiveness by addressing common struggles in the contemporary retail environment. Our curriculum is designed to equip dealership decision-makers with the knowledge and tools to build a clear and sustainable competitive edge.

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A basic subscription costs $50 per month and includes 5 “Seats” which can be assigned to anyone in your company (and across multiple locations) to provide access to the training content. Additional seats can be purchased at any time in bundles of 5 seats and a cost of $50 per month.

Hiring Personnel

The curriculum includes 2 courses in the 'Train and Hire' series and 2 courses in the 'Hiring Managers and Key Personnel' series. Together, these 4 courses provide a structured approach to discovering and attracting manager and staff candidates who fit job specifications and complement your dealership's core values and culture. From crafting precise job advertisements to conducting targeted training sessions, you'll be equipped with the tools to nurture the true potential of candidates, leading to a well-rounded and efficient team dynamic.

"About the Train and Hire Strategy"
"The Need for a New Approach"

Digital Lead Management

For up to 95% of your potential customer base, your website is the first point of interaction. What processes do you have in place to capture this potential and begin building relationships in the digital space? In the Digital Lead Management (DLM) course, Sam is joined by John Greene of LeadHelm, to dig into this question. The course covers strategies for digital lead generation, nurturing, and conversion, highlighting the significance of the digital customer journey. The course provides practical tools for integrating digital processes into your dealership's sales strategies, enhancing your team's capability in both digital and traditional sales. This course is an essential guide for modernizing your dealership's sales approach, ensuring your team excels both online and offline.

"Focus of the Course"
"Is Your Way Working"

Generations in the Workplace

Sam and human resources expert trainer Kristen Mahlin delve into the distinct perspectives, motivations, and expectations of the four generations interacting in the modern workplace. Through discussion, examples, exercises, and scenarios, Sam and Kristen uncover how generational experiences shape the perspectives and interactions of individuals, and how ignoring these differences creates friction within a team. By developing an understanding of generational perspectives and dynamics, managers and peers can avoid unnecessary and costly miscommunication and conflict. Designed to impart a foundational awareness of generational perspectives, this course provides tips and tools to help managers understand, develop, and motivate individuals from across the generational spectrum.

"Course Introduction"
"Gen X"

About the Trainers

John Greene | With a degree in International Business from Miami University, John boasts 30+ years in retail, with 20+ years in motorcycle industry leadership. He was President of The Lemco Management Group and co-founded Thunderbird Harley-Davidson. He later served as Chief Branding Officer at Scott Fischer Enterprises and Director of Dealer Operations Consulting at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Today, John is the CEO at LeadHelm, specializing in the Digital Sales Process. He is also an advisor in leadership training, Organizational Health, team dynamics, business operations, financial analysis, and employee development, serving various dealer groups.

Andrew Hayes is passionate about helping people and organizations grow and achieve long-term excellence. He's energized by bringing great people and organizations into alignment with great opportunities. Andrew has grown two thriving small businesses in the education sector, and presently strives daily to cultivate creative and responsible young minds as the principal of Ambleside School of Colorado. Andrew received his Bachelors of Arts in History from the University of Notre Dame is currently pursuing his second degree from Notre Dame, a Masters in Nonprofit Administration.

Kristen Mahlin is the founder of CoachCraft, LLC, where she applies her extensive experience in leadership, staff development, HR, and coaching to help organizational structures and staff thrive. Her mission is to empower individuals and institutions to excel through effective communication and collaboration. With a background in the Colorado Judicial Department, U.S Department of Labor, and nonprofits, she's also a seasoned lecturer and trainer specializing in leadership and staff performance. Holding a master’s in Public Administration, Kristen enjoys Colorado’s natural splendor from her Lakewood home.

Sam Dantzler's success as an educator largely hinges on his unique ability to connect with audiences and ignite engagement through his own boundless passion. He builds his delivery around the concept of “enter-train-ment” — 51% education + 49% having a blast. Whether speaking on time management, consumer psychology, or the sales process, Sam offers an upbeat, memorable, and inspiring learning experience. From the sales floor to the corporate stage, Sam’s pursuit of knowledge and understanding guides his strategies for communication, connection and success.

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