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At Wheelhouse College, we are driven by a dual passion for adventure sports and education. Our video-based Learning Management System is our contribution to the sporting communities that we love. The Wheelhouse LMS is an online platform for the delivery of practical, immediately applicable, accessible training designed to enhance the retail experience of employees and customers in adventure sports industries.

We collaborate with product creators and online educators — all avid participants in action and adventure sport communities — to produce industry-specific best-in-class training products. Each product is designed to build expertise and professionalism across your entire team, with current subscriptions available for all-staff training in the powersports, watersports and cycling industries.

220+ Courses

Wheelhouse training products provide an industry-defining whole-dealership approach to developing profitable businesses with department-specific courses for action sports retailers.

1100+ Lessons

Each product lesson library delivers invaluable video-based training and additional resources for specific retail departments. From developing customer relationships to the psychology of selling, Wheelhouse products offer an unprecedented range of training content.

4400+ Minutes

While lessons are typically designed in short, bite-sized chunks, the volume of our collected product libraries is really adding up. We look at this number as a measure of our commitment to cover everything that’s important.

Industry-Focused Training Products

Not every retail sales environment is the same, even within the action and adventure sports domain. While powersports, watersports, and bicycle shops all operate in a want-based setting, the physical products you sell—and frequently the customers who buy them—can be remarkably different. That’s why we’ve created individual products to speak to the distinct environments of multiple industries. Whether you subscribe to Sam’s Garage for your motorcycle dealership, Sam’s Dock for your marine shop, or Sam's Peloton for your bicycle shop, you’ll find the same passionate delivery of expert insights and genuine enthusiasm for action sports. Each product delivers unique content focused on your industry and products and situations you’ll recognize, ensuring a deep resonance with your trainees and a lasting impact on the success of your business.

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